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Pronounced TAY-LOVE, Todd Smith was born out of Detroit, MI in a home of domestic violence and poverty.  His dad came back to get his family after joining the Army and they left Detroit and traveled to different places around the world.  Domestic violence and drug abuse surrounded Todd everyday.  He hated going home.  A man named Chris Spice (home with the Lord) told him one day that "prayer is the only thing that is going to help."  CPS, school counselors, the police...nothing else worked for him so he tried prayer.  He prayed for 2 years and it finally happened.  His mom left home to get clean.  Todd still lived without Christ.  He went on to the University of Puget Sound where he experienced racism, on top of coming out of a violent and dysfunctional lifestyle. 

One day going to hang out with a friend, he saw a man on the street with a coat on that read "John 3:16."  After waiting about 15 minutes he approached his friend that was talking to the man with the coat on and as soon as he turned and laid eyes on him, it was as if he saw Jesus Christ Himself.  The glory of God and the light of God was on this man so much so that Todd was immediately scared and froze right on the spot.  This man (Gordon McClain) told him simple things he had never heard before.  On Sunday November 29, 1998 during his freshman year at the University of Puget Sound Todd went to church with Gordon and gave his life to Jesus because he desired change.  Todd is still livng for Jesus (7 years now) and has stayed on fire for the Lord.

On the same day of his salvation, Todd felt an immense power and desire in his heart to do something for God.  He had already written hundreds of poems so he started writing poems for God.  They did not come out as fast because he was a new Christian and didn't really know how to express himself.  When he got to his 10th poem, God said "This is a rap."  He did not receive it from the Lord becasue he thought it was corny and that there was no such thing as Christian Rap.  He did not give up on God. 

He went to practice rooms and rehearsed the poem/rap as God gave it to him and it sounded cool to him.  Months went by and he grew in his faith and boldness in Christ and took the poem/rap to talent shows and would win 1st place with the same song for several years in a row.  After college he went to a rap contest with 50 rappers and won 3rd place.  He prayed and sought the Lord for direction and the meaning of all these prizes and talent.  God confirmed his calling and 30 days later he signed with a local Christian record label.  7 months afterwards God raised him up and severed him from everything he had.  God lead him to start Made Up Mind Ministries.

Today, his ministry, Made Up Mind Productions, LLC., will consist of other elements that concentrate on all generations.  Furthermore, many people of all sizes, shapes and colors have been inspired by his music, his message, his heart for God, his leadership and his love for young people.  He has continued to submit to Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, taking up his cross daily for 9 years now.  Todd has a MADE UP MIND to practice living to make it in.”  Todd is full time in ministry and is blessed to share  Jesus with  thousands of people  each month. 


Te`Luvv grew up playing with stuffed animals.  He took refuge in them from being poor as a child.  Rather than being depressed and hopeless in his situation, he found peace and happiness in playing with his stuffed animals.  As the years went by he began to perfect the various characters he developed.  From choosing the corresponding character to mannerisms and facial expressions, Te`Luvv has taken his personalities to another level.  He also gives credit to his mom and dad because as he says, "both my parents were clowns." 

Being a military kid, after arriving to Washington he figured he would try to make friends using his voices.  IT WORKED!  Te`Luvv would literally have kids running him down and sitting around him in large groups just to hear his voices.  From then on he became the class clown and leveraged his interruptions by making good grades.  "How could they be mad at me when I was one of their top students?"

"Comedy is something I always saw myself doing.  I did not ever think I would be doing it for real though."  2 events led him to seek the Lord about comedy.  The first was an encounter with Pastor Auggie Constantino of Calvary Chapel Standwood/Camano Island, WA..  The second was a revival held at his church during his talk on parents and peer pressure.  He is comfortable now to the point of even sharing his only female character "Lucy."  The Bible says that a merry heart is like medicine (Proverbs 17:22).  Your heart will be more than merry, along with a sore jaw and stomach ache hanging around Te`Luvv too long!


Te`Luvv seems to have always been drawn to standing up in front of people.  "I can remember singing the star spangled banner for a veteran's day program in the 4th grade.  In that same school and in the same year, I won the Patrick Henry speech contest...give me liberty or give me death."  Te`Luvv has grown in charismatic wisdom through a collection of experiences that have shaped and molded him into the individual he is today.  Going to more schools than the years in school, he has been blessed to appreciate every nation, tribe and tongue.  He has also lived outside of the U.S. for a period of time, which he feels has given him a greater appreciation for America. 

Te`Luvv is a product of domestic violence, poverty, ghetto life, college, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  His life experiences has caused him to become a highly contagious and motivating person.  From corporate Amercia to full time ministry, he has overcome every obstacle in order to get to the place where he can help people help themselves.  "Someone once told me that the only real motivation is self motivation.  I have embraced that saying and it has given me a new drive alongside my faith to make my dreams come true."    

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