Special Thanks

Special Thanks

to those who inspired the production of the Open My Heart CD. They are:

  • My Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith.
  • Danielle, my amazing wife and mother of our two girls, Cosette and Gabrielle— for believing in me.
  • Mom and dad for their countless prayers, especially when things seemed hopeless. Dad, for his for the Lord and dependence on His grace and mom, for her joy in the little things and her warrior spirit to fight the good fight of faith.
  • My brother, David for his unique giftedness and tender heart of friendship.
  • My brother Greg (Gregory) for all the times he got me “fired up” about living a life for Christ.
  • My sisters-in-laws, Debbie and Inge, for their unwavering enthusiasm for my music.
  • "Ma," my mother-in-law, Cheryl for her prayers and unconditional love.
  • Ed and Michelle Davis for their encouraging words and knowledge sharing.
  • Dan Applegate for the sheer joy of having him and his amazing talent around. “He-s the man,— Dan the man!”
  • Jeanette Applegate for supporting Dan and our late nights in the studio.
  • Doug Newcomb for his love of music and for all the late nights he sacrificed away from his family.
  • Pastor and friend, Bob Lehman, for his passion for Christ's powerful love and for his countless messages from the Bible that have impacted our community and beyond. Knowing the truth does set us free!
  • The Ministry Team at Arizona Hills Church: Dan Applegate, Doug Newcomb, Gary Sacks, Rick Covert, Julie Applegate, and Belinda Spangle.
  • Jason Lehman for recommending Estes Park and Paradise West studio.
  • Mark Churche and Baron Brandstrom for Estes Park (EXPLAIN)..
  • Bob and Diane Butler for their unforgettable hospitality in Estes Park.
  • Bob and Nancy Thompson for buying my first CD.
  • Kevin Michaels for introducing me to Casa de Elizabeth.
  • Michele Celentano for contributing her photographic talent.
  • To my first studio team: Tom Boscamp, Allen Bessanson, and Josh Gersten.
  • Steve Hazen for inspiring my first Christian song, “Open My Heart.”
  • Paradise West and Saltmine studios: Robert Venebal, John Gray, and Sammy D’Ambruoso.
  • And to the guys who have always pushed me to follow my dreams: Jim Fisher, Brian Lynch, Baron Brandstrom, Charlie Zeller, and Chris Ellis.
  • All my friends at Westin…I miss you!

Nathan A. French, 2007

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